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The GCA Trophy


Diameter: Approximately 65mm
Height: Approximately 310mmH
Weight: Approximately 950 gram

The GCA Trophy

Handcrafted with the use of pewter and 24K gold, the GCA trophy is designed to resemble a scroll – a symbol of courage, knowledge, and wisdom. Though less commonly known, black serves to convey authority and certainty, demonstrating the influence of this prestigious award. Complimented by the 24K gold plating, this trophy marks the gold standard amongst the industries. 

Strategically placed at the top, the wording of “GCA” marks the title of recognition for top-choice employers. The curved shape not only gives a soft and unique look but also represents the community where graduate employers are connected with undergraduates and graduates alike. Polishing the rest of the look, the lining on the outer part refines the complete look. 

From the selection of colors to the shape of the trophy, even down to the carefully crafted lines, each delicate part of this custom-made trophy is not just created to be the best, but to serve and recognise the best of the best. 

The GCA Emblem

Winners will also receive a GCA Emblem for insertion purposes.

GCA Emblem (Champion)
GCA Emblem (Top 5)
GCA Emblem (Emerging)

Getting Nominated

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