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Talentbank is a Malaysian based Career Discovery Centre focused in producing breakthrough, career-ready candidates of all disciplines and helping them kick-start their careers by connecting them with industry leaders that welcome prime talent.

At over 2,500 Square Feet, Talentbank currently stands as the First Career Discovery Centre at Sunway. But size isn’t the only thing we strive for. Talentbank is conceptualized as a new-gen approach to solving the global workforce crisis of the difficulty in looking for, and hiring quality candidates.

Here at Talentbank, we have a firm and uncompromising conviction that everybody should be able to choose meaningful careers, and a company or organization that is the perfect fit for them in terms of not only career goals, but also their culture. We empower aspiring candidates from all disciplines by providing them with a wide range of career choices, masterclass-level workshops and soft-skills-building community activities.

Through a series of consistent breakthrough HR events like our Campus Job Fair, Talentbank Career Fair, Malaysia’s Graduate Recruitment Conference, Graduates’ Choice Award, Employer Branding Summit, Employer Branding Award and more, we have established ourselves as the leading HR Community in Asia. We leverage such activities to not only grow our user base, but to unite, better and eventually perfect the HR Ecosystem.

Founded and funded by prominent HR Players who not only actively engage with over 100 tertiary education institutes across Malaysia, but were also integral in re-shaping the HR landscape in South East Asia, Talentbank’s very vessel is commandeered by the best in the industry. Alongside prominent mentors from industries like Marketing, Finance, HR, and influential Asian investors, Talentbank’s core team has an insatiable passion for driving impact towards a prodigious Talent Pool.

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Q: Who are the voters?

A: To be eligible as a respondent of the Graduates’ Choice Award, voters must be either: (1) an Undergraduate student of an institution of higher learning, or, (2) a Fresh Graduate that graduated from an institution of higher learning within the last 12 months.

Q: How do I nominate my company and what are the criteria?

A: You may nominate your company by emailing your details to us at Thereafter we will review your company’s eligibility with the appointed GCA Board Members.

Q: Can employees vote for their company?

A: Yes, provided that the vote cast is by an employee who is an: (1) Undergraduate student of an institution of higher learning, or (2) has just recently graduated from an institution of higher learning within the last 12 months.

Suspicious vote activity and questionable votes will be flagged and raised by the GCA tech team to the appointed GCA Board Members who will then verify its legitimacy.

Illegitimate votes will be removed.

Q: How are the votes collected?

A: Undergraduates across Malaysia can cast votes for their favorite graduate employer brands through forms online, or through physical means (during our career fairs)

Q: When is the Voting Period?

A: Kindly refer to our timeline.

Q: Who are the Judges?

A: There are no judges. Winners for the GCA will be determined solely by votes cast by Undergraduate students of an institution of higher learning, or, Fresh Graduate that graduated from an institution of higher learning within the last 12 months.

Q: How you do determine the credibility of GCA results?

A: GCA is organised by Talentbank, an award-winning recruitment & employer branding specialist. The credibility of the GCA results are assured without compromise by our governing board members that comprises of representatives from Universities across the nation.

The GCA is supported and endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Career Development Centre Club (CDCC) Malaysia.

To view the list of our appointed governing board members, please visit:

Q: What is the Award Structure?

A: There will be multiple contesting categories in the Graduates’ Choice Award. Once the voting period is concluded, the respective rankings and winners for each category will be officially announced at the GCA Awards Presentation Gala.

Q: What can we do with this recognition?

A: One benefit of the GCA is that it serves as a benchmark and guideline of irrefutable distinction and quality for future graduates when they begin searching for organizations to apply to as they embark for their job-search process.

Like the world renowned ‘Michelin Star’ that tells hungry customers which dining establishment has world-class food, the GCA tells graduates which organizations and employers are the best. In short, the GCA is a ‘Seal of Excellence’, which gives solid assurance to graduates that an organization is not only of great distinction, but one of the absolute best organisations to work at.

Need more information on how you can leverage the GCA to boost your branding or recruitment strategies? Feel free to talk to us!

Q: Questions not answered?

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